Private William Wallace


The background of this man is not known at present, other than that he was probably from Belfast.

Wallace enlisted in the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons Service Squadron in January 1916 (regimental number not known at present – later Corps of Dragoons number 21297), training at the squadron's reserve base at Enniskillen.

The following letter was published in the newspaper Ireland's Saturday Night on 14 April 1917:

No. 2 Troop, 6th S.S. Innis. Dragoons.

Dear Franc – A few Belfast boys serving with the Dragoons would like some kind reader to send us an old melodeon to pass away our spare time. – Yours, etc., Lance-Corporal J. GIBSON, Troopers H. VANCE, R. H. LOGAN, W. MURRAY, W. WALLACE, J. ESLER, W.T. CARSON

(Please forward to Trooper Harry Vance, Castle Barracks, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh).

Later in 1917 or during 1918 he embarked for service overseas. It appears that he was one of at least a dozen men of the Inniskillings reserve squadron who were attached to the 1st King's Edward's Horse Regiment. During 1917 and 1918 this regiment served as corps cavalry in France and Italy.

On 5 March 1919 Wallace was demobilised and transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.


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