Lieutenant Mervyn Sinclair Hornidge


Mervyn Sinclair Hornidge was born on 4 April 1898 at St Peter's, Dublin, son of Royal Dublin Fusiliers captain Richard Joseph Hornidge and his wife Meta Hornidge. The family lived at Tulfarris, Blessington, County Wicklow.

On 15 August 1916, soon after he had completed his schooling at the Sherborne School, Dorest, Hornidge applied for a commission in the North Irish Horse. On 5 December he enlisted at Dublin in the Hussars of the Line (No.34204) and the next day was posted to the No.1 Cavalry Cadet Squadron at Netheravon.

Just prior to completing his cadetship Hornidge:

... met with a Rifle accident on parade, another Cadet having accidentally fired his Rifle loaded with blank in close proximity to 2nd Lieut. Hornidge, which necessitated his being admitted to Hospital.

The wound (to his left hand) was not severe, but he was in hospital for almost a month. While there, Hornidge's commission came through. He was made a 2nd lieutenant on 29 June 1917 and joined the North Irish Horse at the Antrim reserve on 8 August.

It appears that Hornidge remained in Ireland until the end of the war. He was promoted to lieutenant on 29 December 1918, was demobilised on 21 November 1919, and relinquished his commission on 1 April 1920.

Soon after, he emigrated to the United States, arriving at New York on 23 October 1920.

Hornidge died at San Diego on 6 February 1975.