Private John McCausland


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present.

John McCausland enlisted in the North Irish Horse on 11 May 1910 (No.513).

He embarked for France on 20 January 1915 with a small reinforcement draft for A and C Squadrons.

On 4 June 1915 the Ballymena Observer published a number of letters from the front thanking people for sending gifts through the newspaper's tobacco fund. One was from Private McCausland, who wrote to Mr J. McGowan:

It is nice to know that somebody is thinking of the boys at the back. Cigarettes and tobacco very nice. Tobacco very good when you are in trenches. Many thanks for same.

When McCausland's term of service ended he chose to leave the army. He returned to Ireland and was discharged as 'time expired' on 10 May 1916.