Private David McCormick



David McCormick was born on 23 December 1894 at Rhonehouse, Scotland, son of Euphemia McCormick.

On the outbreak of war on 4 August 1914 he was living in Belfast, and six days later enlisted in the North Irish Horse (No.981 – later Corps of Hussars No.71183).

He embarked for France on 18 December 1914 as part of a small reinforcement draft for A and C Squadrons, under the command of Lieutenant Arthur Charles Nugent. McCormick was employed as Nugent's batman.

In February 1915 Nugent transferred to the 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers. McCormick went with him and remained as his batman throughout the war (although still belonging to the North Irish Horse).

On 2 March 1919 he was transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.


Image of McCormick at his wedding in 1923 kindly provided by his great grandson Major Julian Thirkill.