Private William McCready


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present.

William McCready (or McCreadie) enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 29 January and 12 April 1917 (No.2406).

He trained at the regiment's Antrim reserve camp until 30 August, when a number of the regiment, including McCready, were transferred to the Royal Irish Rifles. He was issued regimental number 20089 and posted to the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion.

On 29 December 1917 he embarked for Egypt, where he was probably posted to the 6th (Service) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, part of the 10th (Irish) Division, which had recently moved from Salonika to Egypt. After seeing service in the campaign in Palestine, this battalion was disbanded on 15 May 1918 at Deir-el-Nidham. It was probably at this time that McCready, like many from the 6th Battalion, was transferred to the Royal Irish Regiment (No.21011). He would have been posted to the 1st Battalion. He remained in the army until discharged on 24 March 1920.

At some point after the war McCready lived in Scotch Street, Downpatrick, County Down. He later lived at Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.