Private William McGirr


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present. He may have been the William John McGirr shown in the 1911 Census as a motorman with the Belfast City Tramways, aged 24, born County Fermanagh, living with his sister Elizabeth Heathwood in Glencolyer Street, Belfast. This man is probably the same as the W.J. McGirr shown on the Presbyterian Church in Ireland's Roll of Honour as living at 107 Glencollyer Street, but unfortunately no regiment is recorded.

McGirr enlisted in the North Irish Horse on 1 October 1914 (No.1235). On 2 June 1915 he embarked for France with a reinforcement draft for A, C and D Squadrons. On 12 September that year, however, he was transferred to the Army Service Corps (No. M2/120695).

McGirr remained with the Army Service Corps until the end of the war. On 16 June 1919 he was demobilised and transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.