Private William McKenzie


William McKenzie was born on 9 February 1889 at Tiraltan, near Tempo, County Fermanagh, the last of four children of farm labourer John McKenzie and his wife Catherine ((née Foster). At the time of the 1911 Census he was living at Tiraltan with his father, three siblings and an aunt, and working as a farm labourer.

McKenzie enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 14 and 28 January 1910 (No.444).

He embarked for France with C Squadron on 20 August 1914, seeing action on the retreat from Mons and advance to the Aisne. C Squadron then served as corps headquarters cavalry.

McKenzie was badly injured on 13 November 1914 when his horse fell. The Fermanagh Times of 25 February 1915, reporting on an 'Orange Soiree' at Drumderg, near Tempo, noted that:

Troopers Henry Creighton of Doon, and Willie McKenzie Carrowkeel, N.I.H., who had returned from the front were amongst the audience and were the recipients of many hearty welcomes. Trooper Creighton had only a few days' leave, while Trooper McKenzie, who had his leg broken through his horse falling on him on 13th November, while relieving an outpost will be at home for some time. "When I fell," he remarked to our correspondent, "my horse went on, I suppose to the German lines."

McKenzie's injury prevented any further military service, and on 28 June 1915 he was discharged, 'being longer physically fit for war service' (Paragraph 392(xvi), King's Regulations).

Soon after the war he was living at Drumkeendragh, Tempo.

His name is included on the Tempo Church of Ireland Roll of Honour.



Image of the Tempo Church of Ireland Honour Roll kindly provided by Nigel Henderson, Researcher at History Hub Ulster.


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