Private Thomas Phair


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present.

Thomas Phair enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 1 and 11 March 1915 (No.1465 - later Corps of Hussars No.71390). On 17 November 1915 he embarked for France with F Squadron, which at the time was serving as divisional cavalry to the 33rd Division.

In June 1916 F Squadron combined with C Squadron and the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons Service Squadron to form the 2nd North Irish Horse Regiment, serving as corps cavalry to X Corps until September 1917, when the regiment was disbanded and its men transferred to the infantry. At some point prior to this, however, Phair had been posted to one of the squadrons of the 1st North Irish Horse Regiment, possibly following a period of time at the regiment's Antrim reserve depot.

Since its formation in May 1916, the 1st North Irish Horse Regiment had served as corps cavalry to VII, XIX, then V Corps. In February-March 1918 the regiment was dismounted and converted to a cyclist unit. This meant a 25 per cent reduction in the regiment's numbers, and it is likely that this was the time that Phair was transferred to the 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars, and later the 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars.

On 28 April 1919 Phair was demobilised and transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.