Private William Matthew Roulston


William Matthew Roulston was born on 5 July 1898 at Cashelgay, Letterkenny, Coumty Donegal, the fourth of six children of farmer Stewart Roulston and his wife Sarah (née James). By the time of the 1911 Census he was living at nearby Coolboy Big with his parents and four of his siblings.

Roulston enlisted in the North Irish Horse at Londonderry on 8 September 1914 (No.1172). He gave his age as 19 years and 2 months and his occupation as farmer.

Soon after, however, his real age – 16 years – was discovered, and on 9 December 1914 he was discharged as underage (paragraph 154(vi) Special Reserve Regulations). His military character was recorded as 'very good'.