Hon Chaplain the Rev. Walter Auchinleck Stack



The Reverend Walter Auchinleck Stack was born in Ederney, Co. Fermanagh, on 29 March 1869, son of Charles Maurice Stack and his wife Margaret Jane Stack (nee Auchinleck).

Stack, a clergyman, was appointed Honorary Chaplain to the North of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry on 16 July 1904. He continued in that role when the regiment became the North Irish Horse in July 1908.

Stack was still the regimental chaplain in the late 1930s when the North Irish Horse, by then known as the ‘one-man regiment’, was wound up. He was therefore the regiment’s longest-serving officer.

He was appointed High Sheriff of Co. Fermanagh in 1936, and awarded an MBE in the 1937 Coronation Honours.


Image above believed to be, though not confirmed as, Stack, with officers of the North of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry in 1904.