Acting Sergeant J. Wilson


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present.

J. Wilson enlisted in the North Irish Horse on 5 January 1915 (No.1386 – later Corps of Hussars No.71365).

It is probable that, in the first half of 1915, he embarked for England with F Squadron, where they awaited orders for France. On 12 July, however, Wilson was one of about two dozen men of the squadron who volunteered for service as Military Mounted Police with the 54th (East Anglian) Division, which was under orders to join the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. Wilson, however, was not with them when they sailed on 29 July 1915. Perhaps he had fallen ill.

He remained attached to the Military Mounted Police, embarking for France on 7 February 1916. He formally transferred to that regiment in June 1918 (No. P/14896), with effect from 30 August 1917.